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My facials use the Dearmatech Treatment System to give you more youthful and radiant skin. This multi-action system fights free radicals, pretects against premature aging, aids reduction in sunspots and pigmentation and leaves your skin smooth and protected.

Dermatech Treatment System is New Zealand made using high quality ingredients, as natural as possible and many of the ingredients are produced in New Zealand. The cleaners and moisturisers are paraben-free. Dermatech is a results-focussed product line with high quality vitamins and minerals proven to nourish and feed the skin's cells to improve their function, tone and appearance. Your will see and feel the difference.

Refreshing Facial - 30 mins - $45

Add a Mask Treatment to any facial for $15 extra

A lovely relaxing basic facial for the person who likes to have a professional facial experience. Skin will be cleansed twice with a delicious gel or cream cleanser, dead skin will be sloughed away with a highly effective minty exfoliant, face, head and neck massaged to relax and revive the skin with nutrients and removal of toxins, ending with an eye gel, moisturiser and your choice of a light application of mineral foundation or sunblock.

Blackhead extractions done if needed.

Glycolic Facial Peel - 30 mins - $50

This is a treatment facial with all the benefits of the Refreshing Facial with an added glycolic peel. Suitable for all skin types to address acne, signs of aging, sun damage and pigmentation and scarring. For best results 4-6 weekly treatments recommended, as well as a glycolic home care cream.

Glycolic information: Glycolic acid is one of a group of acids known as Alpha-hydroxy Acids or AHAs. AHAs are found in natural products such as milk, sugar cane and fruit. Glycolic peels give fantastic results, freshening the skin by 'ungluing' the old dead top layers to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. It is also a hydrophilic ,meaning it attracts water, and therefore 'plumps' out the new skin and keeps it hydrated. In the deeper layers of the skin, it encourages an increase in the deposition of collagen and other proteins which leads to better support and healthier skin has been shown.

Vitamin C Facial - 30 mins - $50

Another treatment facial with the benefits of an Refreshing Facial with a C15 Serum infused into your skin. Ideal for skin that has been exposed to the elements. Helps skin that is dehydrated, shows signs of aging and has pigmentation.

C15 Serum information: L-Ascorbic acid in C15 Serum is a highly stable and effective formulation which allows absorption into the deep layers. It is considered to be one of the more effective anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant and pigmentation reducing agents. It boosts collagen synthesis to firm, tone and smooth the skin by eliminating free radicals caused by the sun, enviromental pollutants and additives in our food. 

Vitamin A Detox Facial - 30 mins - $50

An active treatment facial for clients concerned with acne, signs of aging and sun damage. The facial begins with a cleanse using either a gel or a cream cleanser, gentle exfoliation, vitamin A serum application, massage and moisturise.

Vitamin A is a powerful anti-aging vitamin. It is essential for skin cell health and renewal; it is the 'food' for collagen and elastin production. The Detox Mask heals the skin and absorbs toxins and impurities while increasing cell turnover. 

Deep Action Ultrasonic Massager - $10

For an extra 5 mins in time and $10 added to your treatment you can have the benefits of the actives in your treatment being penetrated 2000 times deeper with the the Deep Action Ultrasonic Massager. Ultrasound waves of tremendous speeds break up the actives into tinier and tinier droplets enabling them to penetrate the skin much, much more. The ultrasound waves also have an effect on the tissue warming the water molecules in the cells promoting skin metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The massaging effect helps to tighten, tone and lift the facial skin.

Dermal Roller - ordered at time of booking, price varies

The use of a Dermal Roller (or needling) will also help the actives in the products to penetrate into the skin and be more effective. It does this simply by creating conduits (holes) through spaces between cells so more actives can penetrate. The wound response from mild needling induces new collagen and elastin in the lower layer of the skin and makes great use of the applied actives. Using a Dermal Roller then a Deep Action Ultrasonic Massager will greatly enhance the quantity of and speed to which the actives will work. Both can be ordered at the time of your treatment.

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