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Massage Treatments      $40/half hour  

Due to arthritis creeping into my hands I no longer offer 1 hour massages.  I offer targeted 30 min sessions to relieve specific problems or as part of a multi-treatment pamper session.

Relaxation - when you want to leave the world behind and sigh "aaaaagh....."

Therapeutic - when you have an ailment that you would like some possible relief from eg tennis elbow, RSI, shoulder or back tightness, muscle ache, rotator-cuff, lower back, butt or leg pain.

Deep Tissue - when you have had an injury and want a deep very firm pressure in a specific area.

Indian Head - a deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage of the back, head, neck and face.

Pregnancy - a lovely gentle relaxation massage for you and the baby, can be done right up to your due date.

Tropical Body Scrub - Relax and unwind in a warm room and be transported to a tropical island with the scent of mandarins and mangoes. Transform the body and mind with an age-defying, exfoliating mandarin and mango sugar scrub dissolved onto the body with warm lotion. Drift away with a massage using a creamy and highly adsorbent mandarin and mango body butter.

You will feel silky soft, nourished and pampered.

Why Massage is Good for You

The action of rubbing the skin creates changes in the body and the hormone endorphin is also released. This the body's natural pain killer which also creates a sense of well being. It improves circulation by assisting the flow of blood from the limbs back to the heart and increases the flow of fresh blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles. The first action of massage on muscles is to encourage them to relax and lengthen relieving tightness, tension and toxins. The second action is to encourage fresh blood into the congested area, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the fatigued muscle, and assisting with the removal of toxic waste product produced by muscle action called lactic acid.

Often after a number of massages people find that they are more aware of their bodies and in turn more able to relax. When a large percent of the visits to GP's (doctors) are stress related, massage has an important role to play in the nations' health.

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